Industrial Double Metallic Thermometer เทอร์โมมิเตอร์แบบโลหะสองชั้น

Product Instruction

We have a wide range products of this type, including normal double metallic thermometer, thermometer with electricity, adjustable angle thermometer, integrated, and stainless steel, anti-corrosive double metallic thermometer, and other types with special installation way, special part number and special requirement for corrosion.Also we can offer the external protection tube with good quality and short delivery time. Double metallic thermometer consists of double metallic sensing elements winded to heliciform style. The double metallic sheet expand when heating. As the the expansion coefficient of active layer and passive layer is different, Due to the different expansion of active layer and passive layer, tortuosity is formed, thermal power turned into machinery power to direct the pointer rotate, thus showing the temperature of the measured medium.

Product Feature

1. Displaying the temperature on site, easy reading

2. Strong structure, anti-vibration, anti-damage

3. Complete series and specifications, various installation ways, muti-choices for the protection tube.


Currently the most widely used thermal resistance materials are platinum and copper: Platinum resistance: high precision, suitable for neutral and oxidizing media, good stability, with a certain non-linear, the higher the temperature the smaller the rate of change in resistance; Copper resistance in the temperature range of resistance and temperature linear relationship, a large number of temperature lines, suitable for non-corrosive media, more than 150 easily oxidized.