Tuning Fork Vibrating Level Switches สวิตช์วัดระดับผงเมล็ดแบบก้านสั่น

  • Tuning Fork Vibrating Level Switches สวิตช์วัดระดับผงเมล็ดแบบก้านสั่น
  • สวิตช์วัดระดับผงเมล็ดแบบก้านสั่น

    Fluid: Liquid, Powder, Particle

    Rod Length: Standard: 250mm, 100-3000mm optional

    Rod Material: SS304, SS316L

    Fluid temperature: -20℃~200℃

    AMB temperature: -20℃~80℃

    Working pressure: ≤2MPa

    Fluid density: Particle ≥ 0.1 g/cm3, Liquid ≥ 0.7 g/cm3

    Particle diameter: ≤1 0 mm

    Signal Output: DPDT

    Contact Capacity: AC220V, 5A; DC24V, 10A

    Delay Time: 1-30s Adjustable

    Process Connection: 1 " Thread, Flange Available

    Enclosure: IP65

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Product Instruction

Tuning fork vibrating level switches, by resonant piezoelectric crystal to cause their vibration,When subjected to material damping. Drastically reduced the amplitude and the frequency and phase of significant change. These changes will be detected by the internal electronic circuits, and then after treatment, converted into a switching signal.

Product Feature

It is practical and simple, reliable, and applicability; Tuning fork and output were working condition, all with LED indication; It may indicate that under customary adjustment; A variety of input and output.


The industry level switches can be used for the high and low level of material tank, for a variety of liquid, powder, granular solid.